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Planned Features (Suggestions from /v/ and reddit):
> Add Global Leaderboard: Best Time, Most Kills, Best Lap Time
> settings menu
> help menu and guide
> arena mode (Derby)
> different types of tracks
> skins and trails for your vehicle

v0.46 (CURRENT) (28/10/2016):
> Added Drift Race Mode (Racing Only)

v0.45 (26/10/2016):
> Fixed Teleportation Bug
> Fixed the lag (Please let me know if it still persists)
 ** I still have to fix the physics issue on the circle map
> Fixed projectile collisions with circle map

v0.44 (25/10/2016):
> Optimizations
> Increased wall hack duration of secret class
> Added Circular Map to Rotation (You can get some really good speed with the flash on this map)
> Fixed Spawn Locations: They are random now

v0.43 (15/10/2016):
> Added Mobile Version IP Config

v0.42 (24/09/2016):
> Fixed Several Disconnect Issues
> Changed port config to round robin

v0.41 (CURRENT) (19/09/2016):
> Moved UI around to make room for the Chat
> Added Chat
> Fixed End Board Undefined Bug
> Added another secret class (This one is harder to find &3)
> You can Hide the Chat by pressing C

v0.4 (16/09/2016):
> Optimizations
> Fixed Server Error
> Reconfigured server timeout and HTTP connection
> Changed ELB configs to reduce disconnects

v0.39 (15/09/2016):
> Changed menu class Display
> Added Auto Reconnection
> Moved to TCP protocol (HTTP has problems with websockets) &1

v0.38 (14/09/2016):
> Fixed Share Link
> Optimizations

v0.37 (14/09/2016):
> Added wiki Link
> Added Death Stat to Leaderboard
> Renamed Piercer Ability to Force Push
> Added Player Class to Leaderboard
> Increased Deprived Boost to 100
> Reduced Deprived HP

v0.36 (13/09/2016):
> Added discord link back to menu
> Added Share Button to menu
> Fixed invis Bug
> Buffed Bully boost regen
> Reduced Bandwidth
> Added Deprived Class Back

v0.35 (12/09/2016):
> Fixed Rooms Issue (Max 16 Players per Room)
> Bandwidth Optimization
> Optimized Server CPU usage

v0.34 (9/09/2016):
> Fix Server Full Issue
> CPU Optimizations

v0.33 (7/09/2016):
> Added Blobber Class
> Bug Fixes
> Increased Sludge Time
> Added Reload Speed Upgrade

v0.32 (6/09/2016):
> Pushing a player into a wall will now award you with a kill
> Anti Bot Scripts
> Increased Ambulamp Health and Healing Power
> Client Side optimizations

v0.31 (4/09/2016):
> Saving Class Selection in Local Storage
> Added Damage Flash
> Increased Track Size
> Added Facebook button
> Changed some links
> Changed server configs to allow for more players
> Bug Fixes in Lobby Logic

v0.30 (2/09/2016):
> Increased Buster Damage and Added Health Regen Upgrade
> Increased Hazard Damage and Added Size Upgrade Back
> Increased Flash Speed Again
> Reduced Piercer Base Speed

v0.29 (2/09/2016):
> Reduced crash damage of piercer
> Reduced Repair Kit Power
> Ambulamp now Awards points for Killing
> Nerfed Star HP and Boost
> Increased Drift for Piercer
> Replaced Class difficulty with Class Type
> Added Health Regen to Most Classes
> General Balancing (Sorry but I want to make sure the balance is right)

v0.28 (2/09/2016):
> Made track wider so it can fit more players
> Increased Spawn protection timer 
> Aligned the red/white lines around the track
> Optimized some server stuff

v0.27 (2/09/2016):
> Reverted Menu Color
> Increased Buster Damage Upgrade Slightly
> Reduced Piercer Health a bit

v0.26 (1/09/2016):
> Added Server Cap to reduce lag
> Fixed Bot exploit
> Changed some colors on menu UI
> Reduced Buster Damage but Increased his Turn Speed

v0.25 (1/09/2016):
> Added more Items and Abilities
> Added Piercer Class Back
> Added Difficulty rating to class description
> Highlighted Items in Actionbar
> Added Repair Kit to Buster

v0.24 (31/08/2016):
> You can now Damage yourself again with projectiles
> Ambulamp can now bounce health pellets off walls to heal itself
> Increased Ambulamp View Distance
> Fixed Cooldown Display
> Fixed some Issues with the Upgrades
> Changed Reverse key to Q and Made it a Toggle
> Added More Boost to Buster by Default
> Fixed a Bug on the Server that caused you to disconnect
> Separated Abilities and Items (So the ambulamp can buy items for example)
> Items are now used when you buy them
> Fixed Bug where you could shoot through walls
> Improved Room Joining Logic

v0.23 (31/08/2016):
> Nerfed Hazard (Reduced Damage and Removed Boost Regen)
> Nerfed Buster (Reduced Damage and Re-Wrote turn speed code)
> Reduced Bully Scale by 2 and Increased his Default Speed
> Increased Star Power Duration
> Added Server Rooms. This should reduce the number of players per Lobby
> RIP Driftball

v0.22 (30/08/2016):
> Added new Mode: (Driftball) Score 5 Goals. This is a team based mode
> Added Mode Voting: You can vote which mode you would like to play at the end
  of every game.
> Fixed Bug where game over board gets stuck at (00:00) sometimes
> Increased Ambulamp Bullet speed
> Added Move Speed Upgrade to Ambulamp
> You no longer get Points for killing an Ambulamp
> Added Facebook Button
> Optimized Bandwidth
> Optimized Server Update Loop and Collisions
> Removed Server Best Time for now
> Added Mode Display to Main Menu
> Changed Party Mode Icon color to White
> Reduced Game Over Timer
> Fixed Bug where you could still shoot after the game ended
> Made menu darkener darker
> Updated Spawn Point logic

v0.21 (29/08/2016):
> Added basic party system. Press party button in bottom right and send the new URL to a friend
> You can no longer buy items you already have
> Nerfed Buster HP and Slightly increased his move Speed
> Changed Ambulamp Description
> Fixed notification text size for zoomed out classes

v0.2 (28/08/2016):
> Added bigger view distance for faster cars
> Fixed HTML name exploit

v0.19 (27/08/2016):
> Nerfed Buster
> Fixed Bug where game freezes when pressing a wrong numkey
> Added Turn speed back in

v0.18 (26/08/2016):
> Removed Phaser/Piercer
> Added Star Class
> Fixed some server issues
> Added right click to class picker
> Buffed Bully default HP
> Removed turn speed for now. It just feels to slow non responsive
> Added some optimizations to the server

v0.17 (26/08/2016):
> Additional Smoothing
> Added compression to state data
> Optimized performance
> Reduced Buster Mass and Increased his HP
> Increased reverse Speed
> Added Server top lap to Menu
> Added piercer Class

v0.16 (25/08/2016):
> Added reverse/brake with Shift
> Optimized Rendering again
> Slightly increased Flash starting HP
> Buffed buster again
> Softened interpolation
> Fixed next round timer stuck at 00:00 glitch

v0.15 (24/08/2016):
> Fixed Fade out Bug
> Added ambulamp class
> Projectiles can now affect the owner as well
> Buffed Buster cannon Damage
> You can now use items with right click for convenience
> Improved Interpolation slightly
> Reduced bandwidth

v0.14 (24/08/2016):
> Increased Firerate and Turnspeed of Buster
> Reduced cannonball damage
> Added basic death animation
> Removed health regen from Hazard and increased his boost consumption
> Decreased Racer speed slightly
> Fixed some performance issues
> Added changelog
> Added twitter button
> Made track slightly wider

v0.14 (24/09/2016):
> Fixed Disconnect problem by changing port config to round robin

v0.13 (23/08/2016):
> Added 2 new classes
> Removed 1 class
> Fixed game over board stat reset
> Fixed total time and best time display
> Added cannonball 
> Moved all gameobjects into one array
> Reduced I/O frequency
> Reduced server restart frequency
> Changed max laps to 20

v0.12 (21/08/2016):
> Added win condition after 20 laps
> Added 3 new classes
> Optimized server side configs
> Added new upgrade for boost

v0.11 (19/08/2016):
> Fixed Respawn spam exploit
> Fixed naming spam exploit
> Re-Balanced Bully health

v0.1 (18/08/2016) Initial Release:
> Added Racer and Bully and basic racing mechanics
> Fixed Bug with Lap counter
> Added basic upgrades to each class

v0.0 (xx/xx/1995) 


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