The Hazard is the fourth car in the game. It was added on August 18 2016 along with the Flash. According to the game, it is "Highly destructive but consumes a lot of boost."


The Hazard is black hexakaidecagon, or a black 16 sided figure with a light grey outline. It resembles 2 overlapping squares, one turned 45°.


  • Upgrade Max Health first, as you will need it a lot during fights.
  • Alternate between Crash Damage and Max health, every kill or lap.
  • Team up with other Hazards to form an attack on victim, usually it works with 3 or more people.
  • Farm in the lower right hand corner on a lap that hasn't been completed, works best on the Flash.
  • Go head to head with Bully and complete lap as fast as possible when you kill it.
  • You can easilly beat a Buster if the Buster is noobish, however any Buster can beat any Hazard as long as the Buster has enough boost. He may try to juke you as he is reloading. Even though you are faster than him both moving and boosting, he can boost for much longer than you. If this happens, your best option is to retreat while trying to dodge the cannonballs.
  • Upgrade Max Boost as much as you can, and then boost at speedy enemies like Flash, Piercer, and Deprived


Good Against

  • Bully, it will drain a Bully’s health with at least 1/4 health remaining.
  • Flash, touching a Flash means instant death for it.

Bad Against

  • Buster, as the bullet travels faster than it and deals lots of knock back.
  • Star, has more Health Regeneration and speed than it, and can outlast it in a head on head battle.


  • It was added on August 18 along with the Deprived.
  • It excels in health and damage but lacks proper boost.
  • It has 5 upgrade stats:
    • Max Health
    • Max Boost
    • Move Speed
    • Body Size
    • Crash Damage
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