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The Sludger, originally called Blobber, was added on September 9. According to the game's description, it "Can slow down other vehicles".


The Sludger is a green rounded hexagon with a light green outline. Its corners are very rounded.


  • Upgrade Movement Speed and Health Regeneration
  • Boost as much as possible at the beginning of the game.
  • If there is no more boost, reverse and slow all the players behind you.
  • Use repair kit only if health is at or below 1/5 (or just don't and use that point toward something more useful, like health regen).


Good Against

  • Hazard, due to it consuming boost, it can easily be slowed.
  • Bully, it can also easily be slowed to prevent bounce damage.
  • Buster, the sludge sphere slows reload speed while it has cooldown.
  • Single Racer, If movement speed is low the Sludger can easily shoot the Racer with its sludge blob.

Bad Against

  • Piercer, it will be able to out drive or kill, even when sludged
  • Flash, it will still be able to out run it
  • Multiple Enemies, because it takes time to shoot another sludge blob after shooting one, causing others which are not slowed, to easily ram and kill you.


  • It was added on September 9.
  • It was originally called the Blobber but then was changed.
  • It has 4 buyable upgrades:
    • Health Regeneration
    • Movement Speed
    • Reload Speed
    • Repair Kit
ve Vehicles

Racer Download Ear Sludge Littlelamp (ghost)buster Hazard Bully Star Deprived Secret

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