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This class is a secret class that is obtainable through following the creator on Twitter or Facebook.


    • Max Health 100
  • Health Regeneration
  • Boost Regen(10)
  • Max Boost
  • Move Speed(Taken out for the star class)
  • Boost Refill(item)


The Star class is exactly as it sounds, with the racer being a yellow star. It starts off with 40 boost and moderate health and has special invincibility power.


  • The idea of the invincible star is likely a reference to the Mario franchise.
  • This is the first secret class in the game followed by the Secret Class.
  • An old car called "Phaser" used to have the power to become invincible but was later removed and replaced with the Star.
  • This class gets two upgrades per lap instead of the usual one.
  • This class can be obtained without pressing the 'Follow' button on, by going to the Console in Inspect Element, and typing any number inside classIndex that is not 31081995; the one used for getting the Secret Class.
ve Vehicles

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